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Endangered Vintage Capsule | Series 001

Endangered Vintage Capsule | Series 001

Second-Hand Sustainable & Forward


Thursday | October 15, 2020

Kingdom has developed an ongoing series of up-cycled t-shirts to remind you of the days when you first discovered your love for wildlife. We have picked through yard sales, second hand stores, instagram friends, and wild animal enthusiasts to bring you a second-hand capsule with graphics from the past. The designs of these nostalgic pieces coupled with the Kingdom signature provides a reminder; bring awareness to the dangers of extinction. 

Sustainable Vintage Wildlife

Wildlife Vintage Tees 

We are moving in times where efforts are intended to make a difference, no matter how sizable, we are looking to continue to move forward. As we progress through times of climate change, trophy hunting, & human greed we all can use a reminder. Move forward - fear nothing - stay wild. 

Sustainable Vintage Wildlife


Endangered Bird Shirts


Wildlife Recycled T-Shirts

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